Manta Network Ambassador Program

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By Kenny Lee ยท May 28, 2021

Our program is set up to reward people based on their participation! No one gets special treatment. What this means is: the more you participate in the Manta activities as an ambassador, the more rewards you will receive! And we're ready to move you up in the ranks as you progress. Each rank earns more rewards than the previous. Once again, welcome to the family and I look forward to speaking with you on our Discord or Telegram!

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Quick Start [Work in Progress]

We encourage you to read through this entire guide so that you have a complete understanding of how the Manta Network ambassador program works. We understand, though, that sometimes you may not have the time to do that, and want to get started quickly! In that case, you can read the instructions below to get started.

  • Register your ambassador accounthere: To start working as an ambassador, please do register in the link above. We need to have you in our system so we can accept your work as an ambassador. Until further notice, we'll continue to accept applications for Manta Network Ambassador Program.
  • Start earning points as an ambassador: Review some of our common activities to start participating in activities and earning points. Join your local community to receive the latest ambassador news and activities to start earning points.
  • Submit activities: Every time you perform an activity, you must submit it to the Mantalorian Activities Submission Google Form.
  • FAQs: If you have any questions, ask your Regional Commander! Alternatively, you can visit the #ambassadors-faq in our Discord channel, or just ask the community. Please be respectful and make sure you read through all of this document and FAQs before you ask your question. This ensures that you are not wasting anyone's time by providing you with a response you could have just found yourself.

The Hierarchy [Table 1: Rankings and Rewards]

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We have a system in place that rewards ambassadors based on their participation and activity in our community. There are many different ways to get involved, and if you want to learn more about all the things you can do, check out the Activities section. While the Lead and Regional Commanders are appointed, any ambassador can participate and rise in the ranks up to Master Sergeants.

You start off as a private, and are promoted based on your contributions.

Learn more about each of the rankings:

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The Rewards System

The reward system, which is listed in Table 1: Rankings and Rewards, is designed to maximize rewards for the best ambassadors. We are also conservative about allocating rewards to ambassadors who may not engage very actively with us. Rewards increase based on the activity of each ambassador. The Master Sergeants, which are the highest level that an ambassador can reach without being appointed, receive 3x normal rewards. We expect these ambassadors to be the most loyal and active ambassadors in our community.

The reward multipliers are activated once an ambassador hits the threshold.

The reward multipliers are activated once an ambassador hits the threshold. For example, for the first 100 points, an ambassador receives only 1x the amount of rewards. This means that, once the ambassador receives 100 points, they will have a total of 100 points. After the ambassador hits 100 points, then they will begin accumulating at the 1.2x rate. In other words, once an ambassador hits 500 points, they will actually have 580 points (the original 100 points + (400 points x 1.2 rewards multiplier)).

The total amount of points will correlate with the amount of rewards that an ambassador will earn. Prior to token release, the amounts will be calculated in points. Once the tokens are released, the rewards system will shift into a different system that are based on tokens, not points.


Activities are what ambassadors can do to accumulate more points. Different activities are assigned different points. Apart from the activities listed below, we will also be announcing custom tasks that have variable rewards. The Ambassador Lead will communicate custom tasks to the regional managers, who will be responsible for communicating it back to their respective communities.

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Unless a task explicitly states it, there are no limitations on how many times you can perform an activity. In other words, if Manta Network tweets 100 tweets in a month, you can like and retweet all those tweets for a total of 300 points (100 points for all the likes, and 200 points for all the retweets).

Improving the Activities System

As shown above, the Translation, Content Creation, and Community Events activities are assigned to Variable points, which means Regional Commanders and the Ambassador Lead will announce custom tasks that will go under those three categories. The custom tasks will be assigned to specific points, but, in this case, you'll have to get approved by your regional commander on the task at hand.

We Added a Couple of New Activities for You!

Get more details here.If you have any questions, find your local communities, that's where the regional commanders are and ask your questions. ๐Ÿš€

Submitting Your Activities

In order to successfully verify your activity and credit you with the appropriate points, you will need to submit your activities. Through that system, we are able to track all of the contributions you have made, and assign you the appropriate points.

We will also have a scoreboard, where you can view how your peers are doing in comparison to your own activity. This is a fun way to learn more about the Manta Ambassador community overall.

To submit your activities, we have created a first approach solution through a Google Form MANTALORIAN ACTIVITIES SUBMISSIONS. Make sure to join Manta Network Communities, there you'll get the chance to discuss with the other community members and Regional Commanders.

Join the Manta Netowrk Local Communities

Make sure to join us and be active on our community social platforms below: